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Literary Time Periods and Famous Authors
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Ms. Plummer's
12th Grade English

12th Grade English Final Project


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You are to research the many phases that literature has gone through since the Old English time period.  Specifically, research the many authors and their works.  Upon completion of reviewing all time periods and many authors choose one time period and author to focus on.  Describe the time period, its significance and how the author fit into this time period or clashed with the standards of this time period.

History of the Literary Time Periods:

Old English:

Middle English:

The Renaissance:

The NeoClassical Period:

The Romantic Period:

The Victorian Period

The Modern Period

The PostModern Period


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Congratulations Seniors!!
  This is your final project before graduating.
Use the links and the tips on the next page to guide your research.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to
see me for assistance.

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